After we have done all of the design and tests, We will try to recruit the first batch of experienced users. because the minimum users required for launching the data management system is 100 so we will recruit at least 100 users.


The Pre-sell period is three months after three months we will publish the result and will decide to run the production or refund the payment. if everything goes well we will start to ship the wireless ear tag sensors package to the users before the end of 2020. if there is anything changed we will send an e-mail to inform. We will launch the Data management system( when we start to ship the package to users at the same time.

Package list

1. 50pcs Wireless ear tag sensors.

2. 2pcs IoT gateway(Readers).

3. 1pcs plier

4. A Data management system account

Where to buy?

Now we only have one channel here it is Shop We will keep updating new channels if we find any of the right ones.

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Any ideas are always welcome Pls send us your ideas or inquiry.


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