This system is composed of a digital sensor, wireless communication, and Internet technology. Digital sensors of the cow body temperature (ear), amount of exercise, the range data through wireless communication technology and the Internet network to upload and save the cloud server, data from the cloud server via the Internet technology, management and analysis, and the analysis results through the Internet in the form of distribution to the hands of customers, customers can zap through analysis results to production, management and operation.

The Characteristics of cattle  disease

Symptoms Parameter Characteristics
Ruminate sport Healthy cows ruminate for eight hours a day, especially at night
Temperature Temperature Healthy cows have a temperature of 38-39.5 degrees Celsius
Movement Sport Compared with the average daily activity of cattle, the change was obvious

The characteristics of a cow’s estrus

Symptoms Parameter Characteristics
Temperature Temperature There is a 1.5-degree Celsius change in the body temperature of a cow in heat compared to a normal cow
Movement Sport The change in the average daily activity of the cattle is significantly increased, very active.


  1. Detect the disease 48 hours in advance, reduce the loss caused by the disease (50%)
  2. Disclosure rate (20%)
  3. Reduced labor (breeding) input (66%)
  4. Reduced treatment costs (66%)
  5. Increased output (total meat, milk) (2%)
  6. Improved quality of output (data traceability) (3%)