BDDBTECH offers a completed solution for dairy Farm management which is composed of a digital sensor, wireless communication, and Internet technology. Digital sensors of the cow body temperature (ear), amount of exercise, the range data through wireless communication technology and the Internet network to upload and save the cloud server, data from the cloud server via the Internet technology, management and analysis, and the analysis results through the Internet in the form of distribution to the hands of customers, customers can zap through analysis results to production, management and operation.

The Back-office

The users can access and the back office from PC or Cell phone the login information will be with the shipment of the wireless ear tag sensors package include the default user name and password. the original access address is we will change it to


All of the reports will store at a project file which is the name Ear-tag.all of the reports is based on all of the data collects from the cows and will do combine and calculate to find out useful messages. know better about the daily life of the cows.


The Summary shows the basic original information about all of the data in a timeline. Users can filter the information by timeline or CowTag which is the TagID and the same as the Tag ID which wears on cow’s ear.

RSSI: Ameisina-client and Cmeisina-client which are two IoT Gateway readers which can indicate the cow’s movement and behavior of the activity. it can show the range and time where the cow spends most of the time.

Temperature: the data of the temperatures come from the cow’s ear canal the ear tag has a special structure to make sure most of the temperature sensors installed into the canal almost the same position so the data of the temperature has consistency and comparability. it can quickly respond to the temperature changes. The interval measurement time is 15 minutes (30minute option for long battery life).

Sport: The ear stag sensor also integrated a sensor that can monitor the activity. The sport is an indicator of the activity. It’s an accumulation of amount activity for each of 15 minutes (30minute option for long battery life). That’s means we can monitor the activity of the cows 24 hours per day

Msg ID: this message shows the quality of the received data. 15 minutes one message 24 hours means 96 messages. the picture above shows the are messages missed because the cow went to the milk room and it’s out of the range for wireless transmission.

Battery: This message shows the work condition of the wireless ear tag sensor. It’s the indicator of the power supply. If the message under below a number then it will trigger an alert which will inform the user to recharge or replace the tag.

Alert, Subscribe, Comment

Alert: The user can set a threshold value if the data under or over or equal which depends on the setting it will trigger an alert and the system will automatically send an email to the setting account e-mail address immediately.

Subscribe: the user can subscribe to any of the reports and the system will send an e-mail to the users base on the setting time.

Comment: If the account has a number of users who can play different roles and each of them can leave the comments when they review the reports and share their ideas with all of the users who can access the same account.